O Chaplain! My Chaplain! Man of Service
Conversation, Prayer and Meditation with the Last Living D-day Chaplain of Omaha Beach
      Chaplain Barber and writer,
Janelle Frese, meet for lunch and
the first interview in the
"biography booth" at
Jack's Salad
on Whittier Blvd.
                                 June 2000
For our dear families with undying love,
For preachers and teachers who know God above;
To Chaplains everywhere, now and then,
Who've brought to God, good women and men;
For all our Veterans far and near,
And those who died, we hold you dear.
      Written by Janelle T. Frese with Chaplain Barber's blessing.
O Chaplain! began as a humble prayer and ended in a friendship of
biblical proportions. It is a true story inspired by the simple charm of a
devoted man of service, Chaplain Barber, who makes its writer his last
convert before his passing at age 90. Synergistic with the D-Day
O Chaplain! was coincidentally first published on
June 6, 2005, the 61st anniversary of the famous historical invasion.
      Portions of the sale of this book will serve as aide
O Chaplain! charitable work.                             
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251 pages; quality trade paperback (softcover) ISBN 1-4120-4354-9; US$23.00
      Through their conversations, prayers and meditations, Janelle and the Chaplain mix the secret ingredients for the
recipe of the
Red, White and Blue in you!
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Holy Cross Lutheran School
The Mile Long Yellow Ribbon Project
About the Book
When Janelle's grandfather dies in her arms, she sees in his eyes an answer
to the undying question we all struggle with in life: Where do we go from
here? By fate or by faith, she follows the mystery-of-the-eyes to find
Chaplain Barber, the man who would save her from death's sorrow and
change her life forever.

Chaplain George Russell Barber is the last living chaplain from the D-Day
landing on Omaha Beach, June 6, 1944. He survived Normandy's bloodiest
beach battle,

 "I dug like it was only up to me. I prayed like it was
                     only up to God. Together, we dug that hole pretty deep."

He went on to march across Europe for eleven more months without a
weapon. Armed only with his Bible and his faith, Chaplain Barber preached
the gospel during the most dangerous war scenes of the European theatre in
World War II because,

                      "There are no atheists in foxholes."

One of the last of the red-blooded American boys, Chaplain Barber tells
Janelle his life history like a Little Big Man of the Greatest Generation. From
the cotton fields back home to the Horse Cavalry days, through three wars,
the Space Age and the war on terrorism, his life of service grips the heart of
the small town patriot and likewise spins the mind of the spiritually inquisitive.

                      "The Bible has been known to stop a bullet, but that's      
                           not the only reason I believe."
About the Author
Janelle was granted the Daughters of
the American Revolution
award upon
her high school graduation in 1985. She
earned a full ride to the University of
Nebraska where she competed on the
Lady 'Huskers NCAA Division I,
three-time Big Eight and two-time
Regional Championship softball team.
She is a member of Delta Delta Delta
national sorority and holds a masters
degree in Instructional Leadership from
National University.

She is a married mom and has been
teaching full-time near her hometown of
La Palma, California, for seventeen
years. She currently serves students
attending the local continuation high
school where she is developing
project, alternative teens
paired with special needs children,
healing the heart of service through
performance art. This program is
designed to build a better community of
understanding while restoring the human

Besides being a skilled artist and
musician, Reiki master, certified massage
technician and part-time commercial
model and actress, Janelle is a versatile
athlete having played professionally with
Ladies League Baseball, 1997-1998.
When she's not working, volunteering,
tutoring, coaching or tinkering with her
'63 Ford Falcon, she writes!
"...with God all things are possible."
From the stretch...


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